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The First New Jersey Volunteers Association has worked hard to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved with the reenacting hobby. 1NJV is proud to allow men and women of all races who can demonstrate the physical ability to play the role of a soldier in our ranks. Most units require members to own their equipment before coming out to events. The full kit; uniform, equipment, tent, and ect., can be quite expensive when purchased at once. 1NJV has an inventory of loaner clothing in common sizes, and equipment, that usually allows people to field their first day, and helps them along as they purchase pieces on their own. We make it easy for you, because we want you to have fun with us.

The first step you have already completed by getting to this page. Take the second step by contacting us. We will discuss which event would be best for you to start coming out with us, and make plans for suiting you up and equiping you. On your first day, you will be taught the drill (pictured on the Manual of Arms page), and how to fire the weapon. If you can demonstrate the ability to remember an acceptable amount of the drill excercises and already know how to fire this type of weapon, you will fight that day. If you have not fired this type of weapon before, you can fight on the field, but will be required to “dry-fire” (without powder) for a minimum period of one battle. On your second day of reenacting you will be required to join the unit, and pay dues to get you insured. As mentioned on the About Us page, dues for the entire year are $10 for people who do not carry a musket, and $20 for private soldiers, no family to exceed $50. This is an extremely small amount to pay to cover your insurance for an entire year.

Playing the role of a soldier (Infantry or Field Musician) is only one aspect of reenacting, we also have our resident Privateer (Pirate), camp musicians, and fine ladies who are experienced in managing and cooking over an open fire. If you are interested in learning about or reenacting one of these roles, or other possible roles, contact us.

Once you have joined, 100% attendance is not required, but you will find it hard to keep yourself away. Camping at events is a great way to get away for a weekend. Towards the end of a weekend event, when our younger members are asked whether they missed having a TV, computer, or game console around, they are quick to answer no.